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The new LED BeckLite SearchMaster

We have resumed the development in the field of searchlight technology. Being the most modern way of generating light, LED-Technique is applied in BeckLite searchlights.

Town Church of Meiningen illuminated by a BeckLite SearchMaster from a 600 m distance     To demonstrate the power of the new BeckLite LED searchlight, our town church is illuminated from 600 m distance. The total power consumption is 70 W.

Here youŽll see "The City Church of Meiningen, illuminated by the Becksearchlight on New YearŽs Eve 1937" on the web documentary on Heinrich Beck und the Becksearchlight, the strongest searchlight worldwide with a power of more than 20 kilowatts between 1912 and 1945.
    BeckLite SearchMaster
The Advantages:
* Especially comapct housing dimensions
* Modular LED concept bundles outgoing beam telecentrally
* 19 individual modules
* Absolutely energy efficient, power consumption only approximately 70 W
* Illuminates area of approximately 5 x 5 m at distance of 100 m
* Lighting intensity at 100 m approximately 140 Lux
* Lighting intensity at 1,2 km approximately 1 Lux