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New BeckLite LED-Street Lighting     BeckLite LED StreetLighting
Downlight Luminaire

Conversion for: Lehner WerkMetall, Model Castor

Light panel consisting of 6x6 LED with freeform lenses
Asymmetrically light distribution, luminaire spacing: 4-6 x mounting height

By a downward illumination - pointed to the road along with the sidewalk - a ULOR = 0% (Upwards Light Output Ratio) is achieved. Therefore - apart from the reflected radiation on the ground - no brightening of the night sky is caused by direct lighting of the luminaire.

Power consumption: 10-20 watts, adaptable to mounting height. Dimmable from 10 to 100%. A maximum of 10 watts are required in most lighting situations.

In addition to the beam distributions depicted below, many other arrangements of lens systems are possible. Thus the illumination can be adapted to different installing situations. Below the spectral curves of light colors warm white (3000K) and neutral white (4000 K) are shown.

DNW         DWC
LED-Spektrum         LED-Spektrum
BeckLite LED StreetLighting

Conversion for: Lehner WerkMetall, Modell Castor

BeckLite StreetLighting BeckLite LED Illumination of the Sachsenstraße with Retrofits
Performance chart for the BeckLite castor lamp