Our Link Suggestions

Web Portal MeiningenOnline (German)

Heinrich Beck - The Life Of An Inventor (English)

Heinrich Beck on Wikipedia (German)

A Frog Story - Cartoon-Version of the Heinrich Beck Story (English)

Video Lecture by Dr. Sándor Jeszensky, Budapest: The History of Lighting (German)

House Concert in commemoration of Günter Raphael in the Heinrich-Beck-Institute [April 28 2012]

VDE Committee For The History Of Electrical Engineering (German)

Meeting of the VDE Committee For The History Of Electrical Engineering in Meiningen [April 17./18.2013]

VDE Conference "History of Electric Lighing" in Berlin [Sept. 11 2012]

Deutsche Lichttechnische Gesellschaft e.V. (German)

LICHT 20|12! (German)

National Geographic Society (English)

European Space Agency ESA (English)

National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA (English)

German Museum Munich (English)

German Museum Of Technology Berlin (English)

Technical Collections of the City of Dresden (German, also partly in English)

Museums and expositions in Germany, Austria und Switzerland (German)

Library of Congress (English)

Technical Information Library Hannover (German)

astronews.com (German)