LED Daylight signalling light
LED Daylight signalling light - devlopment for the Karl Dose company

Laser Microscope for the Dissection of biological Objects
Laser Walve Length: 1060 nm
Pulse Energy, freewheeling: 100 mJ
Pulse Energy, Q-Switch: 20 mJ
Pulse Length, freewheeling: 90 µs
Pulse Length, Q-Switch: 4 ns
Pulse Repetition Frequency: 0,3 Hz

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Diode Pumped Solid State Laser (Yb:YAG-Disklaser)
for the production of Printing Rollers
Power at beam exit: 20 W modulated
Modulation frequency: 10 MHz
Wavelength: 1030 nm
Focus diameter: 10 µm
Laserhead: 500 x 150 x 100 [mm]
Pumpdiode: 200 x 200 x 120 [mm]

Please find attached the PDF data sheet on our thin disk laser VariDisk.
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Diode Pumped Disk Laser
Powersteps/development targets (CW):
Basic wavelength (1030 nm): 10 W, 20 W, 30 W, 50 W, 100 W
1. Harmonic (515 nm): 5 W, 10 W
Transverse single mode M˛ < 1,1 bis 30 W
Single frequency operation: Yes
Ultrashortpulse operation: 300 fs
Already available: 10 W and 20 W at 1030 nm

Mask Changer
Mask Changer
for Material Processing by Excimerlaser

Actual application:
Refractive cornea surgery for the correction of ametropia
Choice of typical masks

Adjustment Unit
Adjustment Unit
for Excimerlaser, Lambda Physik, Göttingen
Applicable for LPX100-300, Compex, Optex

Case with Adjustment Laser, Fixing and Adaption Elents
The Adjustment Laser is equipped with a laserdiode 0,9 mW (935 nm).